Monday, March 8, 2010

While I'm at it

While I’m divulging things, I have another confession. I joined Weight Watchers in January. I don’t know why I consider this a confession. Perhaps, it’s because I didn’t intend for this blog to be about my body. Having said that, I don’t want to ignore this aspect of my life or pretend it’s not something I’m working on, especially since one of my 2010 goals is maintaining a healthy body weight.

As a result of the concussion, I am acutely aware that my body is fragile and I need to take good care of it, which prompted me to join WW. This is the ideal time to get a handle on my body since I’m on sick leave and have doctor recommended eating guidelines. No more dieting. I’m looking for a lifestyle change. I want to put the best fuel into my body without feeling like I’m depriving myself.

Although I’m a new WW member, I’m actually at the end of my weight loss journey. I’ve treated my body very badly in the past. University was the first time I felt pressure to look a certain way and I responded by eating next to nothing – usually no more than a bowl of rice a day. I starved myself down to 110 pounds during first year. In the following years, I replaced starvation with overindulgence. My eating habits, combined with hypothyroidism, lead to 186 pounds.

Three years ago, a picture of me was posted on Facebook and I didn’t even recognize the girl in the photo. It shocked me into action. I began working out and made changes to my diet. I lost 24 pounds and felt like myself again. I hovered around that weight for a year before deciding that I could go a step further. I currently weigh 145 pounds and I’m happy with my body.

You may be wondering why I would join WW when I’m already at a healthy body weight. Well, I seem to know how to gain weight and how to lose it, but not how to maintain. I’m hoping WW will keep me on track and provide support during the times I’d like eat an entire vanilla cake.

SOTS wonders… do you tell people when you’re on a diet or making a lifestyle change? Are you afraid of being judged?


  1. WW does have a maintenance program - I assume that's what your following? I've never tried it, not even close to where I want to be yet!
    I do tell people when I am on a diet, because I feel it helps me to stay on track and when I do well I can share it!

  2. Michelle - I'm about 5 pounds from the maintenance program, so hopefully I'll be there soon!