Sunday, March 7, 2010

Full disclosure

The reason I started Stilettos on the Streetcar was to give myself an outlet as I recover from an injury. I knew it would be challenging to share my feelings (gah, I hate talking about my feelings), but I also realize it’s necessary for recovery. That said I’ve been procrastinating like a mad woman. For some reason, typing what happened makes it real. Posting it makes it even more real.

In an effort to get this recovery train rolling, I need to divulge the nature of my accident. In November, I was hit in the head with a softball while playing in a Sunday rec league. Amazing Boyfriend immediately took me to the hospital. My forehead was huge – think The Goonies. I didn’t see the initial swelling because Boyfriend and Sister thought it would freak me out. They know me so well.

Five hours of observation and a CT scan later, I was told that I’d suffered a concussion. Boyfriend had to wake me up every hour all night (poor Boyfriend. This was not a fun task. Love him).

For the first few days, I was a disaster. I was speaking at a snail’s pace; became easily confused; passed out; lost words; and had pounding headaches. Plus, there were nightmares and waking visions. Anything I saw or heard during the day would transform into frightening dreams as soon as I fell asleep. And yet, in my concussed stupor, I assumed I’d be back in the office the following week.

WOW – was I ever wrong. Turns out, “concussion” can mean anything from little bump on the noggin to serious brain trauma. After seeing my family doctor, I was told I’d suffered a serious concussion with significant swelling and bruising in my brain. I was put on sick leave for two months. This was a nightmare for a Type A career-driven person like me.

I was told to avoid all physical, mental, and emotional stress. Essentially, I sat on the couch and watched a tonne of television. Slowly but surely I got better. My speech improved. The headaches lessened. In the New Year, I went back to work part time. I tried this for a month, but many of my symptoms returned. Eventually I had to admit that I couldn’t do my high stress, high expectation job so I resigned my position. This was a very had decision for me, but I realize now that I was pushing myself way too hard. I was asking my brain to be 100% in three months. A broken ankle takes longer to heal than that.

And that brings us to now. I’m currently focusing on healing my body. It’s a struggle every day because there isn’t a visible injury. With no cast or bruise to remind me that I’m injured, I often push myself too far and then pay for it.

This post is my pledge to do a better job of taking care of me. I promise to listen to my body’s signals and focus on healing. And I will share that journey with you.

SOTS wonders… have you ever had a concussion? How long did your recovery take? Do you have any healing tips?


  1. Wow - thanks for sharing. That sounds so difficult! I've had a bump on the head, but nothing that serious. I hope you continue to heal well :)

  2. Wow Laura! I had no idea this happened. Did I miss the game you got injured? I wish for your continued recovery :)