Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Food for thought: week one update

It’s been a week since I eliminated soy, gluten, dairy, sugar, and heavily processed food from my diet. This is not a permanent change, but will last for two more weeks to see if I have any food intolerances. Some random thoughts from my first week:

-I’m more aware of my physical hunger.
-I don’t feel guilty about the food I eat.
-I eat when I’m hungry; not when I’m emotional.
-I love roasted chick peas.
-I eat to “satisfied” instead of “full.”
- I felt very lethargic on day four, but now I’m bursting with energy.
-I haven’t found good gluten-free bread.
- I’m compelled to finish everything on my plate, even when I’m satisfied.
-I don’t spend the whole day thinking about when/what I’m going to eat next.
-I’m less concerned with WW Point values.
-I haven’t had any cravings yet.
-I may be eating too many nuts and dried fruit.

SOTS wonders… do you know any good gluten-free bread?


  1. When I cut out sugar, processed foods, and even bread/pasta/rice, etc, I noticed that I am feeling a lot better too! I have a lot more energy when I eat this way!

  2. I didn't mind the Ezekiel (sp?) bread when I did this Laura. I also found really great gluten-free waffles that I ate for breakfast quite a bit with a wee teeny bit of maple syrup on them (my friend who's a naturopath said it was ok as it's a naturally occurring sugar).

  3. I'm glad that you are doing well with your new diet. I don't have any recommendations for gluten free bread, but like your previous commenter, I have heard good things about the Ezekiel bread. It's very, very dense and filling.

    I hope you can find if there are any intolerances.