Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breaking up with Weight Watchers

At first, I was so in love. Weight Watchers seemed like a perfect fit. Once the honeymoon period was over, it turned into a bad relationship. WW and I simply weren't seeing eye-to-eye. I tried to make it work, but we had different goals. It was hard to admit, but the relationship was over and it was time to say goodbye.

I joined WW to lose those last few really stubborn pounds. At first, all was going well and I figured I'd be rocking Lifetime in a few short months. Then I stalled. Then I gained. Then I lost. Then I stalled. Then I gained. Then I lost. Then I stalled. You get the picture.

I finally realized that my body was telling me it was done. I was at my happy, healthy, natural body weight. Yippee! I decided to call Goal.

Unfortunately WW wouldn't let me because I hadn't lost enough weight since joining. I pondered that. First, I came up with some crazy ways I could lose the weight and officially call goal. Luckily I was reminded that this is about health not a number on the scale (Thanks, Jess!). I decided not to let an international company dictate my body. So, WW and I broke up.

It's been about a month and, I have to tell you, I feel great. This has been a three-year, 46-pound weight loss journey. There have been ups and downs; six-month plateaus; entire Deep 'n' Delicious cakes consumed; and many nutrition books read. The result? I haven't had such a healthy relationship with my body in years.

SOTS wonders... if you've lost weight, how did you know when you were done? Was it a number on the scale, how your jeans fit, or simply a feeling?

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