Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food for thought: ahhh, gluten

Gluten returns! It’s been too many weeks to count since I’d had gluten thanks to my elimination diet. I recently got the gluten go-ahead and have now satisfied my avocado sandwich craving. Confession – I actually satisfied this craving multiple times in one day. My body rejoiced! There were no negative gluten reactions. Sadly, this only makes me more aware of how poorly my system handles dairy.

As hard as this is to type, I have decided to take a break from dairy. I’m not saying I’ll never eat cheese/yogurt again (that’s too much for my poor brain to handle), but I’m listening to my body and cutting it out for the time being.

Next up, soy makes a comeback.

SOTS wonders… what would be the most difficult food for you to give up?


  1. Most difficult food for me to give up would be dairy.

  2. I would have a hard time giving up bread. I suppose I could, but it would be difficult.

    Good luck with the dairy elimination!

  3. EGGS
    or so Id think any way :)
    Ive been GF for 16 years (long story) and am really just used to it by now.

    but I do lovelove me some eggwhites.